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How does work?

Amazi uses a multi-stage filter approach to provide safe drinking water from every tap. Water can be taken from rainwater harvesting or your regular water connection. See more information here.


How much is the subsidy?

In partnership with Rwanda Water Resources Board, we install our rainwater filtration system for households and institutions in the Nyabugogo catchment with a cost reduction of 25% to 50%. Check here if you are eligible.


How credible is

All our products have been verified and certified for compliance, click here to view our certifications.


How much is system combines different filter types and sizes based on customer needs and the price varies accordingly.  Check the price list here or send your information, so that our team can issue a quote.


Do you provide a warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on our systems. Check our warranty policy here.


How can I buy

If you are willing to buy, you provide us with your contact information and we send you a quotation of the system price that suits your need.

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