Amazi FUF

Amazi FUF


Four stage stainless steel filter with UF

Enjoy safe water without the need of electricity from our 4 stage stainless steel ultra filter. 
Amazi UF is equipped with filter housing with plastic head, stainless steel bowl and stainless steel cover, designed to work at high pressure and temperature.

The ultra filter comes pre-loaded with four cartridges providing you with safe water.

1. The 5 micron sediment filter removes all sediments (e.g., salt, sand and rust) from the water
2. The Granulated Activated Carbon Cartridge (CAG) absorbs activated carbon and is highly effective in reducing unwanted taste, odour, chlorine and chemicals
3. The Carbon Block Cartridge (CTO) removes all remaining hardness and chemicals 
4. The Ultra Filtration Cartridge (UF), using a special siev, is effective to remove preteins, bacteria, pyrogenes, virus and other organic molecules. No particles bigger than 0,01 microns will pass the siev.


The cartridges are captured in a three-staged body filter system made out of stainless steel that is availabe as a 10 inch version that comes wiht a flow rate of ~4-6 liters per minute (~ 5,760 - 8,640 L per day)


Cartridges need to be replaced all 3-6 month. For more information please see sepcific product information. 

  • Technical Specification

    SKU: F-AMA-14
    Type:Diatom porcelain+Silver ion+Activated carbon+resin
    Use: Removes bacteria
    Power (W): 0
    Voltage (V): 0
    Model Number: V1
    Product name: Faucet Water Filter
    Filter: Diatom Porcelain+Silver Ion+Activated Carbon+ Resin Dual pipe
    Purified Water Flow: 200L/H
    Function: Remove Chlorine, Bacteria, Impurities
    Filter maintenance: washable
    Application: Household Drinking Water Filtration
    Material: Fully 304 stainless steel; brushed finish
    Filtration Accuracy: 0.2 microns

    Minimum working pressure 1 Bar
    Maximum working pressure 5 Bars
    Wattage 30W

  • Warranty, Refund and Return Policy

    All sales are final. But note, that our filtration and pump products come with a standard 1 year manufacture warranty.
    The warranty is void if installation is not done by our technicians and resulting installation faults cause malfunctions. The warranty does not apply to consumables such as  filter cartridges, Chlorine, UV lamps and others which have a schedule of when they should be changed.

    We do remain at the client’s disposal to answer any questions and concern after sale beyond the warranty period.

    For more details, please download the warranty document here

  • Shipping and Installation

    All of our products can be delivered and professionally installed by our trained technicians. 
    Installation (including delivery) in Kigali is availabel for a standard fee of RWF 36,000. Outside of Kigali RWF 85,000 will be charged for installation.

    For own installation delivery inside and outside of Kigali will be quoted on an as-need basis.

    We are able to supply and install within Rwanda and East DRC in Bukavu and Goma.