Four stage stainless steel filter with UF

Four stage stainless steel filter with UF


Stainless steel housing, 4-stage filter. Stainless steel 304. With bracket

Has Ultra Filtration with 0.01 micron rating. 

Comes pre-loaded with all 4 cartridges. 

It outputs 3 Liters per Minute : meaning over 4,000 Liters per day. All without needing electricity!

1/2'' inlet/outlet

  • Three stage stainless steel filter


    Type:Diatom porcelain+Silver ion+Activated carbon+resin

    Use: Removes bacteria

    Power (W): 0

    Voltage (V): 0

    Model Number: V1

    Product name: Faucet Water Filter

    Filter: Diatom Porcelain+Silver Ion+Activated Carbon+ Resin Dual pipe

    Purified Water Flow: 200L/H

    Function: Remove Chlorine, Bacteria, Impurities

    Filter maintenance: washable

    Application: Household Drinking Water Filtration

    Material: Fully 304 stainless steel; brushed finish

    Filtration Accuracy: 0.2 microns