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The Best Water For Your Coffee

Rwanda is known for its amazingly good coffee. Do you know the water you brew your coffee with may be affecting its taste? Read on to learn which water makes your coffee taste the best.

Coffee is an amazing drink. The best seeds, grown in the perfect conditions can deliver a full experience in just one cup. A good cup of coffee is not just tasty but can make the difference in your day: drawing out joyful emotions.

But a cup of coffee is still largely water, and the right water mineral contents can enhance or kill the taste of your carefully chosen seeds. Let's find out the best water for brewing coffee.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association, the best water for your coffee is clean, has no odor, contains no chlorine, and is soft. Soft water has low mineral content, meaning you will more authentically taste your coffee without all the extra tastes from the minerals.

Hard water (with high mineral content) is also really bad for your coffee machine, as it will cause build-up and scales in the machine.

How about bottled water? Bottled water is good as it doesn't contain chlorine, however, most bottled water has a high mineral content.

The good news is that with simple activated carbon filters you can reduced the hardness of your water and make it softer: and make your coffee taste better.

Are you a coffee shop owner or a coffee connoisseur? talk to us for a filter that will improve the quality of your coffee, making your beans really shine.

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1 Comment

Apr 25, 2022

I am programmer and coffee lover, never had this much insight on the quality of the coffee i would have made. Great content!

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