Rainwater is Safe Water

Rain water is perfectly safe to consume. The only contamination happens as it falls on our roofs, collecting with it different contaminants. With our first flush diverter, often called a roof washer, you can preserve the safety of your rain water.


We Can Stop Flooding

Increased flooding threatens our city's safety and destroys our infrastructure. 
Yet this can be easily prevented, if we all harvested some rain water. The more we harvest rainwater, the less runoff there will be, thus reducing the chance of flash floods after heavy rains.


Current Issues with Rainwater

Currently, rain water in Rwanda has a bad reputation. This is mainly due to how rain water harvesting is currently done. Without proper installation, everything from the roof (including dust, bird poop, smog from cars) collects in the rain water tank. This leads to: 

  • bacteria contamination of the water.

  • black-ish color to the water

  • water that smells bad even after boiling



Known as a roof washer, it flushes your roof by diverting the first flow of dirty rainwater away from your tank. This keeps away the most contaminated water while your tank collects the higher quality rainwater. For Only RWF 96,000 you can get one.

First Flush Diverter.png

Add A Full House Filter for Maximum Safety

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