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Access to water is a human right! Yet most lack the infrastructure to truly access safe and sufficient water. 


We believe that everyone should have simple and reliable access to safe drinking water. We acknowledge that although all need water, not all can access it the same way. We thus provide and design water systems for all budgets and all situations, ensuring the very same output: Safe Tap Water.  

Rainwater is often seen as a force of destruction, but with our customers, we are transforming rainwater into a prized resource that delivers much impact.  

See some of our projects here.  

Stafford Coffee Brewers

Stafford & Family Coffee Brewers is wildly famous for being an oasis of goodness on the road. Their restrooms are amazingly equipped, and they are open at 5 am to serve those on early road trips. Since January 2021, they have been using one of our Amazi systems. Our team was excited to work with them as they have such high standards of sanitation: we are proud to have made it easier for them to access and treat their water.  

The founder, Stafford confirms that our Amazi.rw system plays a big part in being able to offer this standard. He most appreciates the assurance that his customers are always provided with safe food and beverages. He as well as appreciates the close relationship he shares with our Amazi.rw agents and Water Warriors.  

A big bonus for Stafford is the UV purification technology that ensures no chlorine needs to be added to the water as this could adulterate the taste of their coffee beverages. But with our system, they are enjoying great water and using it to keep the authentic taste of one of the best coffees you will ever taste at 5 am! 

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Indabo Café is one of Kigali's favourite places for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Our team enjoys their hummus starter and amazing cocktail list. We also just love the green environment that the café offers.  

Since February 2021, Indabo Café has been using one of our full rains to tap Amazi.rw system with an FUV (4 Stage Full House Filter with UV) system. Since we installed our system, Indabo has started to harvest rainwater, filter it, and use it throughout its operations. The café has been able to reduce its water bills by an average of 40% per month.  

You can trust the food, the drinks and everything at Indabo as it was treated and prepared with safe water. Eat decent food and do not live to regret where you ate it from.  

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Kigali Christian School

Kigali Christian School is committed to creating a safe and conducive environment for its students to learn well. In 2017, before we upgraded our filtration systems offering for schools, they initially bought a few  Baketi Filters for dining halls and classrooms. When we piloted our Amzi.rw rain to tap systems, they were high up on our list and we integrated them into the pilot.  

The pilot was at their Kigali campus, and they experienced with us just how transformative an amazi.rw system can be. Their water bills were reduced massively, and they finally had enough safe water for everyone.  

As soon as the pilot was concluded, they asked us to install the system at their second campus in Rwamagana.  

Through them, 1,000+ students now have GREAT access to drinking water and a lot of parents are sleeping more at ease.  

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Amazi for School

We know our amazi.rw system is transformative and can deliver safe water at a cheaper cost. However, a lot of schools don’t really have money to spare. We’d like to offer them peace of mind on how their students will get water.  


We met with the Minister of Education and decided to do something great together. We agreed to provide water purification systems to public schools that either had to boil water or have water trucked in for their students. In reality, this meant a lot of schools just didn’t have safe water for students. Imagine going to school to gain knowledge but coming back home with a stomach ache?!  

We partnered with Strides for Africa and Feeding Minds, Feeding Mouths to deliver one Amazi for School System to GS St. Jean Bosco, 2,226 students now have safe water.  

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This is a safe water map provided by Water Access Rwanda that gives you locations with purified and safe water in Kigali.