Sub-micron Household filter

Sub-micron Household filter

  • This filter has log 6 cleaning capability, which means it removes 99.9999% of protozoa, bacteria, parasites, suspended solids and larger viral contaminants. It will not remove salt, metals or chemicals. The filter can operate at a water pressure up to 50 psi (0.33 MPa).  
  • It last 5 years if well maintained. 
  • It has the capacity to filter 60 liters per hour. 
  • It has storage for 10L clean water. 
  • Warranty, Refund and Return Policy


    All sales are final. Our filtration and pump products come with a standard 1 year manufacture warranty.
    The warranty is void if installation is not done by our technicians and resulting installation faults cause malfunctions. The warranty does not apply to consumables such as  filter cartridges, Chlorine, UV lamps and others which have a schedule of when they should be changed.

    We do remain at the client’s disposal to answer any questions and concern after sale beyond the warranty period.


  • Shipping

    Delivery within Kigali is available for a standard fee of RWF 2,000 per order. 

    Delivery outside of Kigali will be quoted on an as-need basis. 

    We are able to supply and install within Rwanda and East DRC in Bukavu and Goma.